Maxienduro Freeracing Courses

Do you have a Maxienduro? Would you like to try driving it on off-road tracks?
Thanks to our course, specially designed for Maxienduros, and the experience of World Rally Raid Champion Oscar Polli you will do it safely.

Maxienduro group course with a limited number of students, divided into groups by level. The course is designed to learn off-road driving techniques: posture, brake management, turning on various terrains: dirt roads, cart tracks and paths… through forests, mountains and valleys.

Details of maxienduro courses

New-entry (beginners, amateurs)
A course designed to teach the basic off-road riding techniques for those approaching off-road riding for the first time: posture on the bike, sitting and standing, throttle and braking management, bends and small obstacles, all on a dirt track, closed and reserved for the course to ensure maximum safety, divided into sectors. During the course a theoretical part on tyres and their use, clothing, protections and bike settings. Scheduled breaks for physical recovery.

Course/tour for practitioners who have already completed the first level, which develops on off-road routes of increasing difficulty, designed to best learn the basic technique on asphalt, dirt roads, tracks, overcoming logs and fords, all in the midst of stunning landscapes of mountains and valleys. Motorbike maintenance and suspension set-up.

A 3rd level course/tour designed to learn how to ride the Maxienduro on increasingly challenging trails: boulders, single tracks, mud flats and natural obstacles. A great training programme to prepare for events and stages or to have more and more fun with your Maxienduro. In this course there are sessions on navigating with a GPS or smartphone for those who wish to do so.

Training pro
For those who wish to prepare for major off-road sporting commitments where you can also learn the art of navigation with the Road book/GPS cap.
10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
One-day midweek or weekend. See the scheduled dates on the calendar
Lombardy: Milan, Dorno and Ottobiano (PV), Mantua, Lodi

Piedmont: Santhia (VC)

Liguria: Arenzano (GE)

Tuscany: Polcanto (FI)


Cross Enduro School by Oscar Polli



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