Freeracing Motocross Courses

Whether beginner, amateur or expert, try a day of pure motocross on the FreeRacing reserved tracks with coach Oscar Polli, World Rally Raid Champion.

Group motorbike cross course with a limited number of students, divided into groups by level. The course is structured to offer both theoretical and practical instruction to both already ‘seasoned’ riders and novice motorcyclists approaching motocross disciplines.


Details of cross courses

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For those who want to try motocross Course for beginners over 14 and adults or practitioners who have never done a technical off-road course.
Questo corso è studiato per apprendere le didattiche di base per nulla scontate, postura, setting moto, piccola manutenzione, regolamenti. Practical driving techniques within selected facilities are reserved entirely for the school with dedicated sectors for turns, braking, and jumps with scheduled breaks for physical recovery.
Practitioners/amateurs in possession of a sports license
Track course reserved for riders who have an established foundation and want to delve into the subjects of jumping (with various types of ramps), double jumping and its evolutions, and counter-slope turns, without neglecting sand driving technique. Video match analysis may be done during the course.
Experts in possession of a sports license
A course designed to improve one’s performance on all types of MX terrain and facilities in preparation for participation in competitions and events at the competitive level. Video match analysis may be done during the course.
Competitors in possession of a sports license
Specific training to improve performance and safety in competition. Video match analysis may be done during the course.
9:30 am – 1:00 pm:
Athletic-aptitude analysis of the student and technical and practical teaching for off-road with specific motorcycle exercises with scheduled micropause.

2:00 – 4:30 pm:
Practical and playful exercise on the track.

Every Wednesday 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm Ottobiano


Lombardy: Milan, Ottobiano (PV), Lodi, Mantua

Piedmont: Santhia (VC)

Liguria: Arenzano (GE)

Sardinia: Alghero (SS)

Spain: Barcelona, Lloret de Mar


Cross Enduro School by Oscar Polli



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